Chetwood’s Commercial Director talks about how LiveLend is changing lives

14o October 2019

Julia McColl, Commercial Director at Chetwood Financial sat down with price comparison website this week, to discuss LiveLend, Chetwood's dynamic loan.

During the interview, Julia explains the unique LiveLend proposition, which uses technology to adapt to customers’ good financial behaviour; reducing their loan rate when their credit score improves.

Julia discusses the phenomenal success of Chetwood Financial’s dynamic loan, explaining how it has made a material difference to so many of its customers.

She tells that many ordinary borrowers don’t qualify for banks’ headline rates - and are either offered a far worse rate or be rejected outright. Furthermore, when they’re accepted for a loan they are viewed as the same person, with the same financial profile, for the entire term, often over many years. LiveLend changes all this, offering an improved rate as customers improve their score, across the lifetime of the loan. It’s not only a fairer product, but is designed to help people further improve their financial position through positive nudges and clear incentives.

Watch Julia’s full interview below.