Chetwood Financial featured by BBC Wales

18o December 2018

This week, Chetwood Financial hosted the team at BBC Wales at its Wrexham headquarters, to talk about the strategic importance of being situated in Wales.

In the interview, CEO and co-founder Andy Mielczarek explores the saturation of financial companies in London, heralding the great pool of local talent in Wrexham which will be instrumental in helping the business to grow.

Chetwood, which currently employs more than 50 people in Wrexham, has plans to double its workforce over the next two years, as it continues to provide market leading services into the personal finance market. Chetwood is renowned for launching the world’s first dynamic loan, LiveLend. Designed for everyday people, LiveLend offers something no provider has before - a loan where the rate can fall when a customer’s credit score improves.

Read the full article here, and watch Andy's interview below.