Chetwood Financial shines a spotlight on outdated financial practices

16o January 2019

This week, Chetwood Financial’s founders, CEO Andy Mielczarek and COO Mark Jenkinson, sat down with Bobsguide to talk about the digital bank’s ethos, and how it is committed to turning antiquated financial services practices on their head.

In the article, journalist David Beach cites a YouGov survey which reveals that only 36 per cent of British consumers trust banks to work in their customers’ interests. Chetwood is committed to changing this, breaking down trust barriers between banks and their customers by offering truly customer centric products.

Chetwood has been designed to sit behind consumer-facing brand LiveLend and focus on offering the best deal possible for customers, an opportunity which Chetwood’s founders believe is lacking in the current climate. The LiveLend Reward Loan harnesses technology to help make customers better off, rewarding them with better rates for demonstrating financial responsibility and achieving better credit scores.

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