Chetwood launches second lending product, BetterBorrow

29o September 2020

Chetwood Financial has announced the launch of BetterBorrow, its second lending product designed collaboratively alongside customers with a focus on providing a better borrowing experience.

BetterBorrow offers consumers a fast application process that starts with an instant online decision that won’t affect credit ratings. The rate offered is the rate the consumer gets, with no strings attached. Looking to create a better borrowing experience, Chetwood worked alongside existing consumers to create a product that focused on being as quick and simple as possible.

BetterBorrow is the second lending product launched by Chetwood, having brought the world’s first dynamic loan LiveLend to the market in November 2018. The LiveLend Reward Loan uses technology to adapt to customers’ good financial behaviour; reducing their loan rate when their credit score improves. The product helps encourage customers to further improve their financial position whilst offering a fast, fair and flexible way to borrow.

“As we deal with the ongoing ramifications of the Covid-19 pandemic, many ordinary borrowers have found that they have less lenders willing to offer them loans. At Chetwood, we want to do a better job for customers who aren’t being best served by existing financial providers, especially during these difficult times,” says Andy Mielczarek, CEO of Chetwood Financial.

“BetterBorrow provides customers with a decision in seconds and their money in minutes, giving them the help they require when they need it most. Our goal is to create an agile and efficient lending experience and we will continue to use our technology to provide fairer products designed to help people further improve their financial position.”

Visit BetterBorrow’s website to find out more about the new loan.