Chetwood partners with Amazon Web Services

1o June 2019

To help realise its vision of disrupting all aspects of the financial services industry, Chetwood Financial has teamed up with Amazon Web Services partner Inawisdom to support its Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) needs.

In a video from AWS, Will Garside, one of Chetwood’s DevOp engineers explains how Chetwood harnesses technology to enable fast growth, and how, as part of this mission, the bank has maximized Sagemaker and Inawisdom's expertise.

By partnering with Inawsidom, Chetwood has been able to provision resources as and when it needs to, avoiding the upfront infrastructure costs of launching new products, and ultimately enabling quicker and smoother innovation.

Will also talks about Chetwood’s use of Inawisdom’s Quicksite visualisation tool to power customer self service capabilities. Chetwood estimates that using technology like Quicksite will halve the time customers have to wait when contacting the bank.

Watch Will’s interview and find out more about the partnership.