Women in Fintech: Smashing the Glass Ceiling with Chetwood Financial

17o October 2021

As part of their 'Women in Fintech' series, The Fintech Times are championing great females in the industry who have not only made it to the top, but those who have overcome hurdles, bulldozing a path for those that follow.

Chetwood's Distribution Lead, Sophia Sanders, joins Gloria Garber, Proud Limpongpan, Samantha Yap, Kelly Fryer, and Catherine Boundjia in the latest feature as they share how they've smashed the glass ceiling.

Here's a preview of Sophia's story:

“There is so much work we need to do to help women achieve their full potential, and throughout my career, there have been many contributing factors and people that have helped me build the career I have had so far..."

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