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What we believe

banks aren’t for everybody or everything

We don’t believe in one bank for everything. We don’t think today’s consumers do either. So, we only manufacture products where we can compete with standalone products, and make all of our customers better off. This means we'll never try and cross-sell inferior products and services or use teaser pricing to entice new customers and penalise existing ones.

in modularisation

The financial services industry is being disrupted by technology and regulation, unbundling the ‘all under one roof’ model of old. We take advantage of this using a modular approach to services, relying on experts in their field so we can focus on the design and build of great products at low-cost.

products should be dynamic

Banking products are fixed and unresponsive to changing circumstances. Take, for example, a simple 5 year loan or 25 year mortgage: the customer’s history is analysed at the point of sale (often at great length) and then the product is effectively dumb. With the abundance of data now available, such as credit scores, car mileage or spending habits, we believe banking products should respond to these events, adding value to people’s lives in real time.

in distribution partners looking for good digital products

We didn’t want to spend vast amounts of money on old fashioned marketing campaigns. We want our products to sell themselves. That’s why we work with great distribution partners, who connect with our target customers. We are seeing an emergence of digital money shops and aggregators who offer services to their customers, such as financial education or money management tools, and have a marketplace of product providers. Our digital products integrate seamlessly into these distributors. For some, a reciprocity of data-share enables a one-click buying journey, delivering a seamless customer experience.

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