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What we do

We are focused on serving distinct customer segments that are currently underserved by the market, with products designed specifically for their needs.

We use modern technology, and an ecosystem of partners, to take the cost out of manufacturing banking products, so we can make our customers better off. We are also developing a range of products, using personal data and active triggers, to create dynamic products.

We want our products to be easily available to customers in a chosen segment, so we partner with leading digital distributors like ClearScore and TotallyMoney, as well as building towards many of the new digital money marketplaces that are emerging.

Unlike traditional banking models, we are not obsessed with customer ownership and cross-selling other products. Our products must be right for our customers and stand alone. We focus on building the best products we can for each customer segment, rather than building one product to serve all. Our multi-brand strategy and our capability to create white labelled products, enable this approach.

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